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The project is supported by the Center for the Promotion of Science and the Municipality of Blace, and was implemented from 23-27. October in cooperation with "Stojan Novaković" elementary school


How do archaeologists work, why do they excavate, what was life like in the spa district during the time of the Romans, is it difficult to make a mosaic, how to preserve and present cultural heritage? These are just some of the questions that elementary school students, with the help of the Neozoik Foundation team, tried to give answers to.

After a series of workshops in which they processed real archaeological material from the National Museum of Toplica in Prokuplje, as well as a mosaic making workshop, the participants visited the reconstructed Neolithic settlement in Pločnik and the remains of Roman baths (thermae) in the village of Bace!

All that time, by taking the role of small archaeologists, they absorbed knowledge, collected data and independently created material that served as the basis for their exhibition in the premises of the elementary school! Thus, they presented the rich heritage of the Blace region to their peers!!

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