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The past for the future

For several years, the Neozoik Foundation has been creating diverse content aimed at promoting cultural heritage and archaeology on social networks, especially aimed at younger generations. Our colleagues from the National Museum in Belgrade recognized our work and gave us the opportunity to organize a discussion panel on the promotion of cultural heritage as part of the program of the 22nd International Archaeo Film Festival.

On May 21st 2022, in the Atrium of the National Museum, we hosted panelists who are involved in the promotion of cultural heritage in various ways and talked with them about a wide variety of topics: Can a newspaper article help in the search for a stolen monument? Can TikTok and Instagram save a monument from destruction? How can monuments of cultural heritage attract tourists without being endangered by them? Relying on our experiences and with the help of colleagues and experts at the "The Past for the Future" discussion panel, we talked about how the general public understands cultural heritage, how important it is to them, how much they want to protect it, and what we need to do to stop repeating past mistakes.


The panelists who generously agreed to talk with us about these topics are Dr. Adam Crnobrnja from the National Museum in Belgrade, Svetlana Ilić, a journalist for RTS and author of the series "Fortresses on the Danube" and "Toplica in the Middle Ages" and Aleksander Bec, project leader of the “EU for you for cultural heritage and tourism” project.

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