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During 2021 Neozoik Foundation together with DAReC and Unnamed Agency produced and filmed a short documentary about the archaeological excavations of the Kalemegdan fortress during the Second World War done by the Nazi organization Ahnenerbe.

The story contextualizes the presence of German archaeologists on the Kalemegdan fortress, from the plans for the building of a new Olympic stadium on the fortress, to the excavations. The movie makes use of a copious archive of photos, letters and artefacts from the National Museum in Belgrade and the Museum of the city of Belgrade. It also delves into the role of the students of archaeology and the participants of the Museum course, who later went on to become some of the most influential archaeologists in Serbia. By using different points of view, we tried to tell the story about the misuse of archaeology and cultural heritage for the purposes of political propaganda

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The movie premiered in the Atrium of The National Museum in Belgrade on October 28th 2021. A year later, the film was selected for two international archaeological film festivals - the XII Festival della Comunicazione e del Cinema Archeologico in Licodia Euboea, Sicily, and the ARKHAIOS in Pittsburgh, where it won the audience award for the best movie of the Festival!

​More screenings will be organized in different cities in Serbia and the region, but the movie is also available for viewing on the official YouTube channel of the Neozoik Foundation.

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