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In cooperation with the EU project for cultural heritage and tourism, the GIZ organization and the National Museum in Zaječar, we organized a set of archeology for the students of Hajduk Veljko elementary school in the village of Zvezdan near Gamzigrad.

Who was Galerius? What did archaeologists find at Gamzigrad? How do we know what the Romans ate? Have they broken an arm or a leg during their life? This and many other things were learned by the students of the upper grades of the elementary school Hajduk Veljko in the village of Zvezdan at the Archaeology workshops, which lasted from March 15 to 19 this year.

The team of the Neozoik Foundation worked with them in a relaxed atmosphere, after regular classes, with real archaeological material from the Roman period! We talked at length about how archaeologists know what they know based on a few animal bones and pottery fragments, which served as great brain-teasers for a number of questions!


On the last day of the workshops, we visited the site of Gamzigrad - Felix Romuliana and the display of the National Museum in Zaječar, and we used that day for an additional story about the importance and potential of local cultural heritage, from which the entire community can benefit!

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