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Time market

Thanks to the cooperation with the Local Foundation of Pančevo, this spring interesting ideas are blooming at the archaeology workshops in Dolovo!

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The Neozoik team was a guest at Aksentije Maksimović Elementary School, and on that occasion, together with their students, we took a peek into the beauty of Sarmatian people!

Through 5 days of workshops, the students got acquainted with archaeology, learned interesting facts about the people who lived in the area of today's Dolovo in the Late Antiquity period, and along the way brought them to life with their creativity.

In order to better understand the life of the Sarmatians in this area in the 3rd and 4th centuries, we embarked on a fun adventure of making everyday items, such as Sarmatian clothing, jewelry, and ceramic vessels.


But that's not all! Wanting our "Sarmatian" objects to get a whole story, we continue our time travel into Late Antiquity in April. We are preparing a market-day experience dedicated to the Sarmatians. The students will display all the replicas they have made, and the inhabitants of Dolovo and its surroundings will be able to learn more about the people who lived in that area more than 1,500 years ago!

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