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During the spring of 2022, the Neozoik Foundation, together with the Studio of Architecture for Children "La Villette" from Pančevo, realized the project "The Weifert's brewery is (not)working, again".


The project was supported by the Jelena Šantic Foundation as part of the Brave Steps 2022 competition.

We were helped by the National Museum in Pancevo, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Gymnasium "Uros Predic", and many individuals and citizens of Pančevo!  

You can find out more about the project HERE.


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The old Weifert Brewery, an important national cultural monument and the oldest brewery in the Balkans, is celebrating 300 years since its founding in silence, with its walls torn down and closed to the public.

That silence was the reason for these two organizations to try to revive the Brewery, talk to citizens and experts, educate young people about the importance of cultural heritage and celebrate the 300th birthday of the Brewery at the level of the City of Pančevo.


Dozens of architectural and archaeological workshops were held for the youngest citizens, where preschoolers and elementary school students in the role of small architects analyzed, researched and made a model of the Brewery in the future. The high school students got acquainted with the problems and importance of the cultural heritage and Weifert's heritage in their city, analyzed the numismatic legacy of George Weifert and virtually excavated the Brewery in 3022.


We set up wooden frames that framed the Brewery in the space, in order to direct the view of passers-by on the Tamiš quay.


We held a public forum with experts in the field of culture, protection of cultural monuments, cultural activism and architecture with the idea that, after several decades, citizens and experts finally get together and talk on this matter, while La Villette students presented their architectural conceptual solutions for the Brewery of the Future.


We visited the Brewery several times, took photos, drew and got acquainted with the degree of endangerment of this cultural monument.

A documentary about the Weifert's Brewery which aimed to show the past, present and future of this cultural monument was also made.

For the final result of the project, as part of the "Weifert's 300" event, several organisations and individuals from Pančevo (La Villette, Save Tesla, Sinhrohub, Local Foundation Pančevo, Pub Slad, Neozoik Foundation) organized a birthday party for the brewery, printed T-shirts with motives of the children's drawings, listened to music, watched a movie and drank beer in George Weifert Square

The brewery has not been renovated, but the fight has begun!

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